Misr National Steel operates as part of El Garhy Group, a recent merge that enables Misr National Steel to focus on its key role, that of producing high quality steel rebars while sales activity is carried out by the Group. Forming 20% of the group, and with two main production lines the company rolls out 780,000 tons per annum, with plans under way to revamp the factory in order to increase production to 450,000 tons per annum.

The high quality rebar products manufactured by
Misr National Steel come in 10mm diameter, as well as special sizes of up to 32mm diameter with a length of 24 meters, made to a meet a key customer’s requirements.  Through its reputation for high quality, consistent products and respect for delivery deadlines Misr National Steel has established a strong customer base in a broad scope of industries, ranging from governmental projects to real estate developers, national infrastructure engineering projects, tunnels and other mega-projects using a high volume of their products.

As part of El Garhy group, the
Misr National Steel benefits from a strong market position, where the combined output of the Group comprises 14% of national rebar production. In addition to serving the needs of a rapidly evolving local market, Misr National Steel exports to Africa, Cyprus, Europe, Lebanon, and Asia. 

With a forward-thinking policy
Misr National Steel invests in the latest technology, skilled manpower and industry specialists to support its position as a leader in its field within the region. By being part of a corporate structure that facilitates even more diversity in its market reach and penetration, conditions are ripe for further development.